Our Firm:

Many consulting companies have a "packaged solution" to sell, so therefore they try to remedy issues without listening to your needs. Their solutions are based off of alliances and not what is best for your business. We are not a sales or product company, so we are free to explore the best solution for you. Our primary goal is to serve as your advocate to determine what is in your best interest and to provide you with our unmatched expertise.

Our Philosophy:

We approach projects based from the perspective of your needs, helping you choose the best options for your business. The solutions that we recommend will never be based on our association to a certain vendor our practice. We truly believe that our consultants primary role should be to encompass all aspects of technology and processes, and to convey this to you in the most secure and reliable manner possible.

Our Commitment:

m3ip is totally committed to performing all of our project deliverables more efficiently, which translates into true cost savings for our clients. We strive to not only build strong customer relationships, but to establish long-term customer partnerships. We are committed to becoming your firm of choice, for all your information security needs.